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Students of Ambedkar University Rise Up Against Screening of Controversial, Biased, and Politically Motivated Documentary

The Ambedkar University (AUD), which is known for its clinically acclaimed courses and whose popularity is rising exponentially, has been in news for the past couple of days for an unpopular reason. Student Federation of India’s (SFI) AUD unit members organised a screening of the documentary “Raam Ke Naam” by Anand Patwardhan, in the name of solidarity with six student members of AISA and SFI in Hyderabad Central University, where the screening was stalled by Police after the complaint by HCU Admin. 

As soon as the news of screening of the documentary was spread, a group of nationalist youth came forward to oppose the screening. The students opposed the very idea of displaying politically and socially controversial and biased documentary. The film has been heavily criticised for its biasedness and the political association of the filmmaker – Anand Patwardhan is world-known. 

The Documentary has content which is “politically and socially controversial” and documentary in the guise of criticism of political parties dehumanises and demonises Hindu community. The documentary portrays Hindus as hooligans and oppressive towards minority which is not the case. SFI AUD used the documentary as atrocity literature to create a sense of distrust among students and to create a Hinduphobic environment on the campus in the name of Questioning the Political parties. The documentary has the potentials of polarization of the academic environment on the campus.

Some Students of AUD campus complained to Administration about the content of that documentary and requested to scrutinise the content of the documentary before it is screened in the campus. We have come across information that initially  SFI members who were not allowed to screen that documentary, they banged into the office of the Proctor and threatened him for his life and career. Group of SFI-AISA members resolved to Gundagardi to get permission for screening. Hyper-left SFI and AISA who expertise in playing the victim card and calls themselves as upholders of constitutional rights didn’t let the voices in minority to be heard during the protest and they resolved to scrimmage with the protesting students of AUD.

The protest was headed by some students of AUD campus which were later joined by ABVP AUD members to support the voices in minority. In a very humble manner, those students were demanding to postpone the screening until the organisers were enquired and content of the documentary to be scrutinised. The administration didn’t take the concern about the demands of those students thus in the protest the lights of the room were cut off. 

The students on the campus coming out against the film screening demanded to put an enquiry committee on the event organisers. They also demanded to take strong action against the Gudas of SFI-AISA who bears the fearlessness to threaten life and career in the name of student activism and freedom of expression.

Akash Kumar Singh

Akash is a young scholar of communication and governance. A graduate in Mass Communication, Akash has been University topper. He holds his Masters degree from Centre for Culture, Media and Governence, Jamia Millia Islamia. He has authored and co-authored several researches and books. At a young age of 21, he was conferred with the 'Emerging Journalist' award by the Madhya Pradesh Government. He has also been conferred with the prestigious Prime Minister's Award on Republic Day Parade for being 'Meritorious Student of India'. Currently a LAMP Fellow, he works as a legislative researcher at the office of Ninong Ering, MP from Arunachal East. He is the Editor at Campus Chronicle.

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