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Pulwama: An another terrorist trade against our living soil!

In an inhumane IED attack by terrorist intruders (Pakistan backed terror- organisation Jaish-E- Mohammad) at Awantipora in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district, at least 44 CRPF Jawans are believed to have lost their lives.

The enemy is not across the border wearing military fatigues. Pakistan was not created by an infuriating invading army but it was a state- sponsored religious territory by normal people like our neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances quietly voting for Jinnah’s Muslim league whose promise was violent partition and genocide of Hindus. Right from the western frontiers of Punjab to the east of Bengal and southern India, ROP majority areas voted heavily in favor of Pakistan. Even today border areas of West Bengal and Kashmir have become no go zones for Hindustanis. That was also not done by Pakistani army.

So enemy is not sitting in this imaginary entity of Pakistan alone. Enemy is around you, with you and you might be cooperating them to conglomerate funds. As long as you are paying them your money, Jihad will never be short of funds.

Hundreds of Kashmiris throng the streets of Jaipur in winters and Hindu women but woollens from them. Bollywood openly cuddles Pakistan but Hindus fund it billions of rupees. Then they go to attend candle might marches for the martyred Jawans.

What we actually do for not allowing this problem to raise, NOTHING AT ALL! We as spectators through political discourse, ideological wars and hedonist interests feed up our own ego and an unending quench for power.

Has the government including the one is power and the one in opposition ever fighted for we the people, togetherly and honestly, the answer is no! The lust for power and resource make them go coward when it comes to national priorities. We too are not enough active to calibrate and work together in a more cooperative way. We need to put societal interests and efforts better and above our own heeds and needs at least through talks, pressure, political discourse and academics. It’s high time, we need to get heard by the world loud and clear else yesterday was Uri, today is Pulwama and tomorrow will be something else!

Rise, awake and act, stringently!


2nd Year, Campus Law Centre

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