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No war, More War- The inevitable war with Pakistan

Bleed India through thousand cuts has been the key policy of the Pakistan against India from a considerable period of time. Since the crushing defeat of Pakistan in 1949, 1965, 1971 and 1999, the policy makers of Pakistan have understood that defeating Indian in a war is not their cup of tea and a coward proxy-war would better suit their manhood.

In 2017, India lost 78 security personnel in Kashmir while fighting terrorists and defending borders. There have been thousands of ceasefire incidents since 2015 displacing hundreds of people living near L.O.C. In Uri attack, 19 Indian soldiers were martyred while the Pulwama attack that claimed the lives of 40 soldiers.

We are not war monger, we don’t want war but aren’t we already in a state of war? What was Uri attack? What does ‘regular ceasefire’ means? Sorry to say but Pakistan is succeeding in its propaganda of bleeding India through hundreds of cuts but we as a nation have failed to even construct a common will on Kashmir. The so-called intellectual and secular class play in the hands of enemies.

We are already in the state of war with terrorists thronged to India by Pakistan. Thus, the demand of the hour is to foil Pakistan’s indirect war with some direct action . I am not a supporter of war, as it brings peace to none. But the fact that the last man in the country needs to understand is that we are already in war with them. The only difference is that we have been defensive but the time has come to teach them in their language. Many may not agree to my line of action but no war today will cause more war tomorrow. More Pulwama and Uri will be faced by us and our heroes.

India’s action and Pakistan’s isolation 

In response to Pulwama attack, continuing refusal of Pakistan to acknowledge and act against terror groups on its territory and based on credible information that JeM was planning other attacks in parts of India, the Government of India decided to take pre-emptive action and planned air strike on JeM terror camps. However, situation further escalated due to the aggressive military action by Pakistan and equal retaliation by Indian army.  

Earlier, India withdrew most favoured nation status from Pakistan and further decided to stop water flowing into Pakistan from India. Many powerful nations including US, France, Israel etc backed India’s stand against Pakistan.

The diplomatic crackdown on Pakistan from government of India isolated Pakistan from the world.

Pakistan’s Hypocrisy

On Wednesday, Pakistan violated Indian airspace and entered into our territory. The Indian air force showed prompt action and brought one of its aircraft down. Reports further claimed that even yesterday two Pakistan Jets tried to violate India’s airspace. On the one hand ,Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks about Peace and wants settlement with India and on the other hand, his army continues violating ceasefire on Loc and India’s airspace. This exposes the hypocrisy that Pakistan has maintained over the centuries and will continue the same.

The dire need of the hour is to understand the nature of the war declared by Pakistan against India and shut its each and every conspiracy. 

Amullaya Gupta

Amullaya is a 1st year student in Delhi University's Zakir Hussain College. He hails from Jammu and Kashmir. His great grandfather was martyred on 11th November 1947 by the Kabaili Forces and rebels from Maharaja Hari Singh Army. A patriot, Avid reader and a budding writer, he has a firm grip on the issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.

2 thoughts on “No war, More War- The inevitable war with Pakistan

  1. I am also agree with and your one line which you mentioned that “no war today will cause more war tomorrow “

  2. Pakistan’s nukes, cities, CPEC, Gwadar, Karachi etc are not safe anymore. India crossed the psychological barrier and India can repeat the anti terror air raids at will. GhazwaEhind through thousand AlTaqiya cuts are not easy anymore…….but jehad will continue……

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