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Money is Everything ?

According to the ancient times, gurukuls were to be found in forests where a group of rishi’s educated the teenagers from the nearby villages just to make them skilled in various occupations like archery, sword fighting, pottery and many things. In return the rishi’s asked for anything which the student is able to give just to show respect for the hard work they did to teach the students. Nowadays the gurukuls have been replaced by schools and colleges, rishis have been replaced by teachers and professors and the tradition of guru dakshina has been developed into a sophisticated process of fees which is not at all related to showing respect but is for providing a service which is teaching the students.
This is how commercialization took over everything slowly. This is a very big issue for the present generation as well as the coming generation because we are talking about how the fees structure is increasing year by year. It is not only in the private colleges but also in the government colleges. But as compared to the private colleges government colleges have a very reasonable amount for the courses offered. Whereas private colleges are being seen obsessed with money.
Each year the private colleges and universities are increasing their fees structure which is causing the middle class family’s earning member’s stress level rise. According to the HRD ministry the fees structure is to be increased till 80% for the under graduate courses offered by government colleges.
Even the top three universities in Delhi are in the same rat race. Delhi University, Indraprastha University and Delhi Technical University are a centre for concern now. According to a research 65% of the money is spent on the education of the children. And if the hike in college fees continues in an increasing rate it will be a very major issue for the state as well as the country.

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