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Message of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Students on General Elections.

— Written By Anjali Mathur
Economics department

It is not easy to rule a vast country like India for 5 years and change everything. Modi government took many initiative forshaping the future of India. In this process some of the initiative didn’t work and that’s okay. We can’t expect him to be perfect.

Good or bad are the two sides of coin. In the democracy we all have right to criticize but at the same time we should also appreciate their good work. Modi government failed in many departments but there are many areaswhere they have done a commendable job.

I am mentioning few of the major achievements of Modi government

  • Low Inflation rate= I agree prices of petrol and diesel are recorded high but the overall inflation rate is less than previous government .
  • We are blaming for increased railway fare but we have to understand that from a long time railway’s base fare was not changed and many railway departments were in debt. Railway base fare has increased marginally but at the same time air travel became cheaper.
  • Implementing GST = This will be a major step for our future. Removal of bundled indirect taxes such as VAT, CST , Services Tax , CAP ,SAD and excise will be good for middle class people. Less tax compliance and a simplified tax policy compared to the current tax structure will increase number of tax payers.
  • Reduced ROI and taxable amount = Modi government knows that investment in future generation is the right investment and that’s why he has reduced rate of interest for education loans and home loans. To remove the burden from middle class his Cabinet reduced the taxable income.
  • Construction of Roads = In last 4 years, Modi government has constructed recorded number of roads. Still, we have lot to do but connectivity has improved for sure.
  • Heath care = Modi government invested lot in heath care and if everything goes well then by next year 10 crore families will get free insurance of 5 lakh INR.
  • Swachh Bharat= After the launch of this initiative I personally felt that many people got inspired and his mission seriously. Now people are more aware of cleanliness. The government made toilet to fight against open defecation.
  • Foreign direct investment = We all criticized Modi ji for his foreign trips but all these trips helped India to established a good relationship with other countries. It will boost our FDI and in the coming few years it will help strengthen our economy and it will create employment too. India is getting stronger and recently we left France behind and became 6th largest economy in the world.
  • Electricity = Government did superb job and now almost every village in India has electricity. Many villages still don’t has regular power supply but government is still working on it and hopefully it will fixed as soon as possible.

There are many more achievements that includes Infrastructure, Digital transfer of subsidies, free LPG cylinder ,sanitation and many more.

  • Modi government always think out of the box like they changed the budget date to Feb 1. The advancement from the last date of the month was to ensure departments get more time to spend the money allocated to them.
  • This is not enough the day Modi has been elected as Prime Minister and till now he continues to praised by world’ leaders for his works and strategies.
  • US ex president Barack Obamain an article in TIME magazine described Prime minister Narendra Modi as India’s reformer-in-chief .
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin praised Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi as a reputable political leader, who had already made a significance personal contribution to the promotion of Russian-Indian cooperation.
  • British premier David Cameron has described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a man with clear vision and praised him for breaking the deadlock over a trade facilitation agreement (TFA) at the WTO.

He had done so much for India and lot more to come under the leadership of Modi. He is a positive hope to bring changes in the country of million. So, I think we all should as part of this country must show some respect and appreciation towards our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his incredible work. So, Comrades stop being so intolerant and develop some tolerance to hear other views instead of circulating fake propaganda.

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