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Journalism fellowships for recent graduates

To ace in the journalistic field, the biggest step isn’t passing the final. It isn’t the theoretical readings, acing the midterms or writing the term papers. The most important part is to go out there and experience your job first hand. Getting professional experience can earn you a lot of weightage for your resume and helps in landing a job.

Here’s a list of current media and journalism fellowship programs:

American Press Institute Summer Fellowship

The American Press Institute offers a summer fellowship for college students or recent graduates to contribute to and learn from the Institute’s efforts to conduct research, convene thought leaders, create tools and publish insights that advance innovation and sustainability in journalism. The program is for students with high levels of initiative, analytical thinking and ambitious ideas about inventing future models of journalism.

A core component of the program is a self-proposed fellowship project. Eligible candidates are current students (undergraduate or graduate) and recent graduates in a field of study related to journalism, communications, or technology. The 12-week fellowship includes a $7,500 stipend.

Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellowships

As part of their commitment to cultivating a diverse workforce, Fleishman-Hillard offers 6-12 month paid fellowships, with benefits, to emerging communications professionals from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Fellowships include a position in one of Fleishman-Hillard’s US offices, professional development training opportunities and a mentor program. Fellows gain practical experience in the field of integrated communications from top industry counselors. Candidates must be pursuing or already hold an undergraduate or graduate degreein public relations, communications, journalism or a related field.

AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program

Fellows work for 10 weeks during the summer as reporters, researchers, and production assistants in mass media organizations nationwide. As part of their job, the student-scientists and their host-journalists strive to make science news easy for the public to understand. AAAS typically selects from 15-20 Mass Media Fellows each summer. Fellows are provided a weekly stipend of $450 as well as travel expenses to and from AAAS and their sites. Applicants must be enrolled as university students or have completed a degree in the natural, physical, health, engineering, computer, or social sciences or mathematics in order to apply.

Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics

FASPE is a set of innovative programs for journalism, law, medical, and seminary students designed to address contemporary ethical issues through a unique historical context. Through an all-expenses-paid two-week summer intensive course in New York, Germany, and Poland, 12-15 fellows will explore such topics as The Rule of Law vs. Lawlessness; The Role and Limits of Bioethics; The Goals of Morality in the Face of Evil; The Responsibility to Report; and Ethical Limitations on Profit-Seeking. All program costs, including international and European travel, lodging, and food, are covered.

Bitch Media Writing Fellowship in Pop-culture Criticism for International Applicants in USA

Bitch Media is an independent organization and an equal-opportunity employer. The organization seek a variety of perspectives and encourage applications from qualified writers of any age, race, colour, gender, religion, ancestry, disability, marital status, and sexual orientation. These fellowships are available to pursue series of three-month intensive writing. You will receive mentorship and support in creating, shaping, and editing articles and blog posts; receive follow-up support with placing future articles and essays, and make great connections within the feminist-media community; Receive a $2,000 stipend for the three-month fellowship.

Bhavya Katyal

The author is a young media scholar, activist and researcher. She has been involved in several academic researches on communication and media . She is a bibliophile with intense love and deep knowledge of literature.

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