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After the centuries of struggle of the Hindus for their Swaraj in their own motherland Bharat, and a 70-years long period of national forces awakening the Bharatvanshis to defeat the ‘pro-minority’ and ‘secular’ narrative which have clinched the nation in a state of helplessness, the attack of radical Islam has again attained the rigorous form. This is now clearly visible that the Arab-inspired Jihad of Islam has again attacked the capital of the nation – Delhi. The long-narrated ‘scared’ and ‘peaceful’ community is now vehemently doing ‘Shakti Pradarshan’ and again claiming threats to the unity and sovereignty of the modern India. In a very short period of time, we have already got four major cases to deal with the Islamic threat to both the state and the nation. 

  1. Raghubir Nagar Hate Crime Case : In February last year, Raghubir Nagar of West Delhi witnessed a brutal murder of a 23-years old photographer, namely Ankit by the family members of Ankit’s Muslim lover because Ankit was a Hindu. He was stabbed mercilessly in neck by the father of the girl and a minor brother of the girl also complied in this demon’s act. The case not only threatened the Hindus of the locality but also raised some serious questions over the subject of ‘Women in Islam’.  The brutal murder is an indicator of the intolerance and misogynist attitude of the radical Islam, since, it was clear that the girl loved Ankit unconditionally and under no pressure, but the misogynist mother, father and brother of the girl found it against the laws of Quran. Hence, the liberty and sovereignty of women in Islam is a matter of great concern.
  2. Heavy breach of law and order on Eid : Recently, on the day of Eid on 5th June in Lakshmi Nagar’s Jagatpuri of the East Delhi, the Muslim community took the law and order in hand and threatened the other communities living there. The matter started when the Muslim community was indulged in practice of their Eid rituals openly on the road and suddenly a car came down dashing through the streets and damaging property and injuring the people. Anti-social miscreants rumoured that the driver was a Hindu and since then the crowd took the form of a disastrous havoc in which major public property including public buses and private vehicles were damaged. Later it was found that the driver was a Muslim himself and a thief by nature who had again stolen the car with his lover. The very incident proved the anti-law nature of the community and how it can harm the society on the basis of a mere rumour to do ‘Shakti pradarshan’
  3. Dhruv Tyagi Murder Case : In May this year, an act of inhumanity in the capital of secular India came into lime light in which a businessman was lynched to death by some Muslim teenagers. The fault of businessman was only to retaliate the misogynist comments made by the Muslims on his 23-year old daughter. The father of the girl on that night retaliated very non-violently and reached one of the boys’ home to complain to their parents after which he got into mayhem with the boy and his father. Meanwhile, his son also joined but soon 3-4 Muslim youngsters ganged to beat both father and son resulting to the death of Dhruv Tyagi and his son admitted in the ICU.  The daughter revealed that this incident of harassing was regular. This particular case resembles to the similar global pattern of the Islamisation in which the women of other communities are harassed and insulted and the men beaten down when retaliated.
  4. Lal Kuan Temple Demolition : On 3rd July, an altercation initiated on a very petty issue of parking in the Chandni Chowk’s Lal Kuan area, and the Jihadi crusaders attacked a century-old temple to demolish the infrastructure and Shiv Darbar. Later, following the Al-Taqia process to cover up the blasphemous act under the cloak of secularism, the local Muslim community apologised for this act but it is clearly visible that the initiating point of the mayhem cannot be a strong base to leading up to the demolition of the temple. To the knowns of history, this may resemble to a number of ancient Hindu temples destroyed by the Arab invaders. This is one of the most recent case of anti-Hindu crusade by the Jihadis. This is an evergreen way of humiliating the so-called ‘Kaafirs’ followed since centuries ago. Sri Ram Janmbhumi temple, the Hampi city, Somnath temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, and now Lal Kuan Durga temple is the recent most example of the war against the Hindus in India by Islam’s caretakers. The same ethod have resulted in the extinction of the indigenous culture and religion of a number of countries including Afghanistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. All these four cases showcase the examples of the way the Arab forces had invaded the country around 1400 years ago and caused a number of partitions to the country. Threatening the liberty of the women in Islam so that they can’t challenge the hypocrite imperialism of the Islam, abusing the women of the Hindu society to humiliate it, destroying the ancient temples of Dharma and establishing a prolong unrest in the society to ensure its dominance. All these methods are being repeated by the radicals and the same pattern is followed around the world. It is mentionable that the war method of Dar-al-Harb have always attained the leftist/liberal assistance to fool the tolerant elements in the society. The only question remains relevant is that how long can we be ignorant?

Devanshu Mittal

Devanshu is a Mass Communication student from VIPS, IP University.

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