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Homo sapiens sapiens: Wicked and Inhuman, More Inhumane

Disparities are there. There is caste. There is religion. But mind it. Above all is humanity and its existence is lost somewhere. I am not able to see the empathy and concern or the sense of being a human. The people, they are frightened and feel the need to protect themselves more from other human beings than wild animals. At times, we used to differentiate human from animals because of their sensibility and ability to comprehend matters and situations but here, I ponder over the difference, or I should say the latter is more sensible, noe?!

Rape. Molestation. Harassment. Murder. Raped and Murdered. Is it normal? Is it political? Is it a controversy? An eye catching news, is it? On 19 th January 2018, an 8-year old girl child from Kathua village of Jammu & Kashmir (it is considered to be the Heaven on Earth, please don’t forget!) was hit on her head twice which made her half dead, then she was raped numerous times by eight different people for three days consecutively and at last murdered.

And then, another incident which happened in June 2017 in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, where a minor girl was raped allegedly by a MLA Kuldeep Sengar, his brother and others. In the former, the FIR was not lodged because the people of a particular communities supported the accused and threatened the police officers. While in the latter, the police didn’t lodge an FIR because the accused was a member of political party, the one who is dominating in the whole country. It’s been an year and the loss of hope caused the victim to attempt for suicide in front of residence of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow on 8 th April 2018.

There is a reflection of power and authority and the unquenched desire of making vote bank without caring about the lives of innocent children. In India, we have this Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 but let the Act be at its place. That was what happened, little or even less than little because the life of that child is not important, the way her body was torn apart is just not important, the way her pride and confidence was ruined is not significant. What is important is the fact that theaccused people were dominant or member of some political party and the victim, a timid fellow Indian citizen. What holds significance is the debate about the religious friction and the blotch on the reputation which has not  to be handled carefully and cautiously. A Muslim girl was raped and murdered by a group of eight men and the government,  is doing nothing except making a remark that “The country is ashamed, we will bring justice to the daughter, let me correct Country’s Daughter.”

Narendra Modi speaks about these two cases as, “Such incidents, be it in any state of the country, shatter human emotions. I want to assure the nation that no culprit will be spared. Justice will be done. We all need to come together to fight against such evil of the society” during the inauguration of Ambedkar Jayanti on 13 th April 2018. I would like to ask some questions to the citizen of India and the government as well that Can’t we talk about the need to make legal changes in the Acts and Provisions which has been laid down in the Constitution to fight against these atrocities rather than discussing the Hindu-Muslim clashes and the religious backgrounds behind this crime? Can’t we act like a human being atleast, with a flickering flame of morality somewhere inside us rather than a savage, barbaric, insane creature who brings politics everywhere in different forms?

Show some respect to Ashifa (Victim) {and the irony being that according to the Supreme Court Guidlines, the name of the Rape Victim ought not to be reported owing to sensitivity of the offence, but the same was used as an instrument to propogate the religion card}
who doesn’t even know, what was the reason that she had to give away her life, who had not even developed the sense of making a difference between dos and don’ts and help the minor girl to fight for justice against the country’s political tactics. I want to conclude hereby saying that whatever has come into the limelight and those that are still behind the curtains are shocking and humiliating. It is beyond an individual’s sense of understanding and reasoning that how can a human turn into a heinous criminal creature.

Somya Kumari

Saumya Kumari, English honours second year student of Daulat Ram College, DU)

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