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Hinduphobia in the North-Eastern State of Assam

Assam is the home of various communities and tribes. Assam is the land of two great Vaishnava gurusMahapurush Srimanta Shankaradeva and his chief disciple Mahapurush Madhavdeva. Being an Assamese I can say that the neo-Vaishnavism of Mahapurush Srimanta Shankaradeva is the predominat one but the people of Assam also worship lord Shiva, Shakti (Maa Kamakhya) and other deities of Hinduism along with the tribal Gods. The influence of Hindu dharma can be seen everyehere in Assam.But there is a lack of the awareness of being a Hindu. Therefore, it is very easy to trick and mislead them. When humans do not realize the reality of their existence and the root of their existence, they become confused and this confusion leads to chaos and destruction. Assam is going through such a sensitive situation these days. From the pre-independence era the activism of communists has been going on in Assam. They are everywhere in educational institutions, in media, in student organizations, in the humanitarian organizations and they are the regional leaders of Assam on whom Assamese people have their immense trust. They are slowly erasing the sense of nationalism from the minds of the people of Assam and filling their hearts with a very narrow and superficial emotion of regionalism. The sense of regionalism is good when it is connected with the universal nationalism. The extreme regionalism can lead a state to the separation from the nation and this is what is happening in Assam. The leftists thinkers of Assam are working day and night to corrupt the minds of Assamese people. Unfortunately, most of the leftists thinkers are recognized as great Assamese intellectuals and the people of Assam follow them unconditionally. All such thinkers present Shankaradeva as a socialist (or a communist) because the treated the people from different religions equally. But they never express the fact that Shankaradeva’s philosophy is based on Bhagavata Purana and he teaches Hinduism to all his students from different religions. He attracted his students towards Sanatana Dharma and teaches them the virtues of this great dharma. He established the essence of Hinduism there in Assam. The breaking India forces are active in Assam from a very long time. These activists provoked the people of Assam in such a way that now their hearts are full of hatred for Hinduism and at the same time they give Guru Shankaradeva highest respect, only because he believed in social equality. The deep philosophy of Shankaradeva is now unknown to all and no one tries to read his great texts and no one wants to know him perfectly because the minds of the Assamese people are now in the hands of communist thinkers. Shockingly, some Assamese people do not hesitate to say- we are Assamese only, not Hindu and sometimes the ladies of Assam can be seen saying that women will destroy Hindu Rashtra. This hatred is increasing day by day and it seems impossible to stop it. The breaking India forces has its strong root there that they can openly come up to save the illegal migrants from other religions in the name of Human rights and will protest against the Hindus in name of the security of the native people of that region. The situation is heartbreaking because the people of Assam support them without questioning their agendas. The few Assamese people who strongly stand for Hinduism will be misbehaved or be bullied somewhere. The breaking India forces totally removed the essence of Hinduism from the minds of Assamese people and showed them the path of extreme regionalism on the basis of which they can separate Assam from India. What is left in the minds of Assamese people is only confusion and dilemma. It is an attack on their intellect and the result of this sharp attack is identity crisis. The people of Assam do all the Hindu rituals and follow all the Hindu rules and regulations but they are ashamed of accept themselves as Hindus and this is an example how the leftists are working on turning the people against their own nation and own people. Mahapurush Shankardeva in one of his great texts ‘Kirtana-Ghosha’ said that after collecting the good karma of thousands of births, one gets the opportunity to take birth on the holy land of Bharata. There is still hope that the people of Assam will aware and will realize whatever Mahapurush Shankardeva said.

Sumanya Kashyap. Student, University of Delhi

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  1. पूर्वोत्तर भारत में देश विरोधी और हिंदू विरोधी ताकतों की उपस्थिति बहुत तेजी से बढ़ रही है।

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