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Hidden agenda anti-nationalist elements on the name of welfare and protection of human rights

“It would do a great deal of good to the present generation if they went through Swami Vivekananda writings and speech”, these thoughts were delivered by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India in 1949 during his speech in Ramakrishna Paramhansa’s 114th birthday celebration program in Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.

Swami Vivekananda empowered India on a global level as a spiritual and philosophical Guru. His command on Indian philosophy and culture led our country to achieve new heights of glory. With his dynamic charm and aura, he won the world for India.

Though unfortunate but true that in the same land so-called communist comrade vandalized the statue of Swami Vivekananda in the university named after Pandit Nehru in New Delhi. The shameful act was also a direct attack on Pandit Nehru’s identity.

Nowadays when the world believes two Statues which inspired the whole world are- Swami Vivekananda statue in Kanyakumari and the second one is the Statue of Liberty in the USA. Not even in India but also in America, UK, Russia, Malaysia, and so many other countries accepted Vivekananda’s thoughts on youth and nation. His statues have been established in university campuses and famous public places across the world. Even the most reputed universities of the world have included his lectures in their academic curriculum. Whereas, in his own country he is tagged only to a particular ideology and political party by so-called intellectuals.

In the recent incident of JNU, they wrote “bhagava jalega” and so on near the statue. This all happened during a protest against fee hike in JNU. Some red violent organization did this disgusting act against the backdrop of student welfare and other human rights. They are those students who have a tag of self- proclaimed intellectuals. The university is famous for Arts and Humanities but such action shows as no humanity and humility have remained there.  These nasty and poisonous mentalities of red outfits are harming the goodwill of University which has become an issue of concern for the entire nation. According to “University News”, the central magazine of the Association of Indian Universities, approx. 80 % of research Ph.D. thesis are fake, copy and useless. Indian government invests huge resources and money in JNU in comparison to other universities. In spite of this, the output is disturbing and alarming which is very worrisome. They attack and vandalize the Vivekananda statue because they don’t have the caliber to counter the thoughts of Vivekananda. This University has not been remaining more than Mecca of anti-national politics and the time will soon come when these red terrorist groups will vanish from scenario because the public has identified them.

Sachin Pathak,

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

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