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Dynastic Rule v/s Shinde Sena

Maharashtra is known for pleasant weather but recently the weather in the Maharashtra government had heated up because of the instability in the Shiv Sena party.

Shiv Sena a party is known for its bold decisions and its ability to do work efficiently. Along with a dynamic motive of Hindutva under Bal Keshav Thackeray, a well-known personality for the people of Maharashtra. He in his time took such sets that changed the face of Maharashtra. Lately, his son Uddhav Thackeray and now grandson son Aditya Thackeray, too is keen to have a seat and trying to contribute their services to the government of Maharashtra. It gives a clear look of familismin the party which gave a feeling of inexactitude against the party members and between Thakre family members. A face which is being unremitting, to become a chief minister Eknath Shindewas put upfront for that post, he didn’t give his name by self but it was the members who saw the hope and working of Shinde, but the leader of NCP Sharad Pawar went “across from” and passed a cue, “if the party would raise a candidate from Thakre family it will be more evident”, from the very fore point the relationship between the party and Eknath Shinde were fragmented. Andfelling of dissimilitude started. 

The scenario changed from Guwahati, where several Shiv Sena party workers stayed too as they went to Assam from Surat. A sense of enmity was started in the Shiv Sena which led other party workers into tumult as well.

Eknath Shinde was the cabinet minister of Urban Development and Public Works in Maharashtra. A party member of Shiv Sheena. He claims that the ideology of Shiv Sena had been disturbed. The working of the party under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray had been dismantled. Eknath Shindepasses the statement that “the party had failed to continue the steps of Bala Saheb Thackeray because the leader Uddhav Thackeray had forgotten the principles” “they somewhere forgot the main stand of Hindutva that Bala Saheb taught” Eknath Shinde continuously focusing on the principles with all 37 and 2 added up members. And currently, the members in the stand with Eknath Shinde are about 50 members in favor who clearing their stand to be with Eknath Shinde.

Whereas BJP dignifies its stand to Shinde and offers him and his supporting members the offer was “an add-up in NDA and 5 ministerial posts and 2 central posts” to Shindeand their supporting members. Then Sanjay Rawat made a counter offer that if the members and Eknath Shindewill join back the party they will discontinue the relations and alliance with the NCP and Congress and will further continue with their ideologies and work accordingly. Another leader of Shiv Sena Nitin Deshmukh blamed Shinde. However, the members say that because of the Thackeray family the decisions are being pressed on the party members and the dominant nature can be felt by the party workers and no accolade is given under the working of Thakre. The feeling of fidelity towards the party members of Uddhav Thackeray had finished.

This problem of familismis being sensed by every party worker. In every square of India either North-South or East-West major political parties except their children to carry forward and after them other members are counted. In north India in Jammu and Kashmir National Congress and PDP have continued their family members in politics Umar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti two leaders have continued their family capabilities which they had left. There are several more parties like in Punjab Shiromani Akali Dal, Haryana – Indian National Lok Dal, Uttar Pradesh Samaj Vadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Vadi Party, and Rashtriya Lok Dal Party, Maharashtra Shiv Sena and NCP, Odisha Biju Janta Dal, Jharkhand the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Bihar RJD, Andhra Pradesh TDP and TRS, Telangana and DMK of Tamil Nadu there all parties have been ruling in every part of India with their family ideologies and following the concept of familism.

We were ruled for 200 years by the British government, but now in the power of Lok Tantra, we are being surrounded by these families in politics. The biggest example is the Congress party which has been supporting their family members since independence. These practices provide a limited scope of development for the people of the country. They are detrimental to the nature of progress and only feed into the dynastic rule. People’s choice and decision must overcome these regime. 

About the Author– Ansh Nagpal, BA JMC student at MERI (Management Education and research institute) Affiliated with IP University. You may connect with him at or anshnagpal_15 (Instagram account)

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