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DUSU Elections: Who Bribes the more

DUSU elections are the sadistic festival of money, muscle and power. Students under the affiliation of different political parties play a heinous game where no one sees anything and steps into this, termed as ‘bad politics.’ DUSU elections are no wonder the magnificent sight to behold where there are too many clashes and disruptions. The North Campus of University of Delhi particularly Faculty of Law makes it even worst. There are groups, region specific panels apart from the different student union bodies like ABVP, NSUI, CYSS, AISA, etc. and yes the
independent bodies. All of them make same promises and develop beliefs as if the previous ones didn’t manage to do anything and they will successfully turn over everything upside down. What we as a student can do, I mean how can we believe someone who has already betrayed us upon getting the power and authority.

‘Dirty politics’ is a term that holds so many layers of defects and practices which has been in use since a long time and has been impoverished negatively with time. Their main target is the first year students who are completely unaware of the atmosphere, they easily brainwash their target by proposing them for fresher’s party where free food, drinks, music and dance is provided. Such sort of amusement and luxury is barely missed out and hence, the vote bank starts culminating. Many approach their friend’s friends by attacking all the tea and Maggi points where there is this huge crowd of college students, there they can debate and discuss and influence the mind by making promises which doesn’t hold any guarantee or faith in it. There are many colleges where these student union bodies distribute free tickets for movies, water parks, and other entertaining engagements. Infact, they also use these famed personalities in their political game by attacking the private hostels whose student’s capacity is huge to make maximum vote banks. Drugs, foods and alcohols are used as the finest tool along with bribing students with 2000-3000 rupees to gather a definite number of student as their audience to listen to their election manifesto and cast the vote in their favour. Distribution of pamphlets (including the candidate’s name, post and ballot no.); pens; chocolates; and diaries (talks about their election manifesto) is the all time favourite tactics of the contesting students and students unions. The whole objective of election and representation of people’s voice seems like void which is absolutely meaningless and unworthy.

This is so unfortunate that the educated youths are not realising their potentials and even if they are, the contribution and utilisation is not in the right way. They are not understanding the whole concept of people’s representation on a very primitive and lower level. How can you question the corrupt leaders who are authoritative and those below them when you yourself are not conscious of your agendas, goals and achievements. I strongly believe that these election manifestos must be work centric and something that can be achieved in the tenure. It should not be like ‘making Castles in the air’ because a youth in power can make everything possible. They should not spread hatred or waste their time in bringing a false image of some other panel rather should try to make a positive change by bridging the gap between administration and students. Fake promises don’t last for long and a work done for the society’s welfare brings a sense of satisfaction and immense confidence. It definitely holds some relevance when someone says, “You in power can win what not.”

Somya Kumari

Saumya Kumari, English honours second year student of Daulat Ram College, DU)

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