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CPEC: A Conspiracy in Neighborhood.


CPEC ( (CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR) is a corridor which is being established by china in between China’s western part i.e KASHGAR (XINJIANG PROVINCE) to Pakistan’s eastern part GOWADAR which is about 300km long.

This corridor also passes by POK (which belongs to India, de-jure)  and the overall construction assumed is around $46.This corridor is not only one way but this include roadways,railways,airways. This corridor is being constructed because of many reasons: 

  • Western part of china is not developed or we say it is rather developed area and only a small population , around 6% of the total population live here. So to develop area,Chinese govt. has taken this initiative.
  • Once this corridor would be completed, it shall yield a huge profit for china as china export or import now-a-days through strait of hormuz and strait of malaica for mainly do business in OPTC (organisation of petroleum countries) like Iraq,Iran,Saudi Arabia, Oman, which is expensive for china.
  • Pakistan supports this project because there is a huge debt on Pakistan, also Pakistan gets to secure employment for its citizens, development, economic strength. 
  • For both China and Pakistan, their vested interest to acquire land of India gets satisfied, as the corridor passes through POK.

There are many Challenges which would be faced by INDIA :

  • The Chinese govt. needs to take permission from Indian Govt. and without this,it is impossible to construct.
  • As INDIAN GOVT. is constructing various route in Afghanistan and in Iran and if this corridor would construct i.e. cpec then the service of India from middle east could cut.
  • High risk of infiltration in India. 

Probable solutions:  

  • The Indian govt. can support Baluchistan and also convince Indonesia.
  • India can increase the investment in Iran  and convince them to revolt against CPEC.
  • Pressurize China with the help of USA and other world organisation like SAARC, BIMSTEC, G7,G22,SHANGHAI COOPERATION.

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