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Corona Outbreak : Unforgettable Lessons!

Emergence of Corona Virus has had been teaching us a lot regarding life, spirituality, religion and humanity. First lesson, humans are nothing before nature, they are powerless victims. We’ve numerous numbers of technologies, variety of weapons, rockets, satellites, missiles, but a small virus has defeated almost every human endeavor all around the globe. We’re impuissant before nature.

The second lesson lies in equality. Virus doesn’t think about rich/ poor, male/ female or any class for that matter. It treats all equally. With its crusading effect it has voluminously damaged continents across the globe. No one is privileged. It has a masquerading effect.

Third lesson lies is differentiation. It’s well understood that entering of virus causes fever. But we’re required to understand the fact that some might recover some might not. It has been experienced so far that around 5-10 % of total victims have had been dying because of fever. Death or recovery depends upon immunity and not age. That’s why we can’t say who might bear the turbulence and who might not.

Fourth lesson, we’re not habituated to live in isolation. We meet almost everyone in our home, meet people outside, in market, at our workplace, in short we keep meeting varieties of people on a daily basis. We don’t spend our whole day with a single person. But the virus has taught us to live with the same persons around for a good amount of time. We are in many ways under detention (or house- arrest) and the worse part of it is that we can’t even complain about it. There’s no authority to listen and that’s because we didn’t obey before. This is an all pervading force, the supremacy of almighty.

Fifth lesson lies in philosophy. In the ambit of philosophy we think of our life and the purpose of existence as to why we’ve come here and what’s the basis of our existence. What’s the cost of service, friends and social life. A virus has snatched everything from us. In a one go, it has taken up our will, choice and what not! As I said above, we are powerless victims. Whatever used to irritate us, like going to workplace, university, we’re recalling all of them. We are missing all those things that we didn’t like. We’ve realised that they are inevitable. They are responsible in making our life dynamic and colorful. All those colors have been trespassed by the ill- effects of the virus and our lives have been reduced to stillness.

Sixth lesson is economic problem. This virus has brought the whole economy to a historical low. The whole market is down. The whole system has been irreparably damaged. Be it primary, secondary or tertiary, none of the sectors are working. It’s a war- like situation in an time of peace.

Seventh lesson lies in people’ stupefaction for politics. Inspite of repeated warnings of Doctors, these nasty politicians are not getting on- track. They are still venturing outside, every now and then. They are indirectly participating is keeping other’s life at bay and this is horrendous. We’ve had been observing that those who consider them more powerful and wealthy are not following requisite rules and regulations. I must say, ego has its own tune.

In all these ways we can say that this outbreak is teaching us a lot. We’ve had been learning the values of nature, life, introspection and cooperation. During these uncalled times, what all can we do except trusting the process and the almighty. Creator can’t be too cruel to her creatures. This too shall pass.

Vishal Kumar, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

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