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The Unforgotten Speech

About a century and a quarter ago, a three-word prelude, followed by a three-minute long thunder-sound of applause marked as the knock of Bharatiya presence amidst the appropriators of the Industrial revolution, in that part of the globe which was drowned in materialism. It was the registration of a neo-renaissance, thereby transcending the human civilization…

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Vajpayee: A Personal Tribute

For the people born in the 1990s, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first Prime Minister they became aware of, in that limited sense; he was our first Prime Minister. His name, unusual for our generation, became an object of amusement. He certainly didn’t mind it, indeed, the legend goes that in one of his rallies…

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The Last Lecture of the ‘Modern Rishi’

On the 26th day of July 2015, as per the daily routine, the former president APJ Abdul Kalam rises at 4 in the morning and goes for a two-hour walk from his post-presidency residence 10 Rajaji marg, New Delhi. He was continuously worried and thoughtful over the disturbance prevailing in the monsoon session of parliament…

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मां शब्द एक अर्थ अनेक

मां शब्द एक अर्थ अनेक। मां शब्द एक अर्थ अनेक तेरी ममता ,मेरी क्षमता । तेरी प्रेरणा ,मेरी वीरता । मेरी जीत ,तेरी प्रेरणा । मेरी मंज़िल ,तेरी दुआ। मां शब्द एक अर्थ अनेक तेरा आंचल ,मेरी दुनिया। मेरी दुनिया ,तेरी खुशियां। मां शब्द एक अर्थ अनेक मन्नत तेरी ,जन्नत मेरी। चहा मेरी ,प्रार्थना तेरी।…

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SHERLOCK HOLMES: Blurring The Lines Between Elementary And Excellent

I had started out to write on a fictional character I secretly wish was real and I unabashedly confess that not only do I hope that Sherlock Holmes existed but I often imagine and convince myself of the fact that he did, in fact, walk the streets of Victorian London with Dr Watson. No other…

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Expressions of Warrior Poets Of India

The word “Warrior” and “War” largely provides impression of heroism, eternal glory, fame to my mind. The meaning embedded in it expresses so much charisma and valor that nothing goes beyond sensibility of  chivalry and fame of being a “Warrior”. But, interestingly, the phrase “Warrior Poet” provides pragmatics of culture and war together in the…

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