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International Relations

CPEC: A Conspiracy in Neighborhood.

— Written By RITESH KUMARUSCT, B.Tech (CT), FIRST YEAR CPEC ( (CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR) is a corridor which is being established by china in between China’s western part i.e KASHGAR (XINJIANG PROVINCE) to Pakistan’s eastern part GOWADAR which is about 300km long. This corridor also passes by POK (which belongs to India, de-jure)  and the overall construction…

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India and the Idea of Commonwealth

Ever since the London Declaration of 1949, which recognised the contemporary Commonwealth, India has endured a central spot in this voluntary organisation of 54 sovereign states. It was India’s choice in 1948, as a freshly sovereign Republic, to continue in the Commonwealth which guided other Asian and African states to become a member of the…

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Since 2014, a new trend has come in to the sphere. A lot of Indian youth are showing their interest towards international political issues, which was not visible in the last few decades. Due to globalisation, the world has come closer, and nothing is hidden from the people. With the blink of an eye, anyone…

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Act East Policy of India

India’s Look East policy was an effort to develop widespread economic and strategic relations with the countries of  Southeast Asia in order to strengthen its position as a regional power and to counterbalance the power of China. The Look East Policy which was introduced in the 1990s focused on improving the relationship between India and the…

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Standing up to the Chinese Bully  

By not bowing down to Chinese intimidation, India can train Asia on how to stand up to a bully. China today has all its territorial frontiers embroiled in dispute. Be it Senkaku Islands with Japan in the East, or the Indo Tibetan Boundary in its West, or the South China Sea in its South, or…

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