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Author: Snehal Asthana

Author is I Semester Students of BA LLB (H), in University School of Law and Legal Studies, Gurugobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi. She did her schooling from Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, New Delhi. She is keen to write article based on history. She has written many book review too.

Historia ad Magna Carta Libertatatum

History of Great Charter of Liberties, as the title suggests. For the maximum number of legal terms trace their roots in Latin, the article on first charter of liberty should also be in Latin. First victory always arises from thousands of failures, this Charter could be placed as an impeccable example of this. It was…

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Online Dispute Resolution

As the world is heading towards the virtual scenario, the ADR has also taken a step ahead in form of Online Dispute Resolution as Section 89 of Civil Procedure Code clearly mentions the terms of it. Now, first of all what is ADR? What role does it play in maintaining the distribution of justice? Alternative…

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The “Hero” Who Created the Past

Past, when we talk about the past, the very first term that comes in our minds is History (for some it may be the most boring term!!). But everyone wants to know (the students wants to know!!) who is the “visionary” who invented the subject? Well, his name also starts with “H”, the one and…

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This article is written by Snehal AsthanaThe King who conquered the sea itself tells a story that there was a king who was an able administrator and a skilled in sea fares. But there is an irony to it. As when we are in court, we generally address the female judge as your lordship. The…

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