Author: Manisha Tyagi

Exploring the world within, author is a student of law in DU. Always ready for anything that concerns with environment. A patriot, debator, social worker, firm believer of 'One man/woman can move mountains'.

New law on right to privacy: Adhaar does not seem to get hurt that bad

October 10, 2017

Nine judge constitutional bench of Supreme Court has recently declared right to privacy as a fundamental right. This will have far reaching implications in times to come, but the immediate impact will be on Aadhar. The status of privacy as a fundamental right itself came to question while three judges bench was deciding the legality […]

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U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement : India’s Perspective

August 24, 2017

When Donald Trump during his poll campaign, called climate change a “Chinese hoax” to gain economic advantage over US, few had taken his candidature seriously. However, just 4 days after the Paris Climate Agreement (the global treaty involving 195 countries to combat climate change) came into force; Trump was elected as the leader of the […]

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