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Author: Divyansh Dev

The author has a degree specialisation in Journalism and is currently pursuing law at the University of Delhi to further bolster his interests in field of advocacy. Previously, he has been on media panel as a delegate at Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations at Harvard University and was accorded as Global Young Leader. Currently, he represents India at the Asia-Pacific Youth Advisory Council of Child Helpline International, the Netherlands.

Hideous state of Hindu Human Rights

‘Hindu Human Rights’ as a term is seldom heard or read in India, where majoritarian presence becomes a criterion for oblivious state of their human rights. Perhaps, the first mainstream mention of Hindu Human Rights as a collective appeared in the early nineties, when Kashmiri Pandits became refugees in their own land after being subjected…

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Standing up to the Chinese Bully  

By not bowing down to Chinese intimidation, India can train Asia on how to stand up to a bully. China today has all its territorial frontiers embroiled in dispute. Be it Senkaku Islands with Japan in the East, or the Indo Tibetan Boundary in its West, or the South China Sea in its South, or…

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