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Campus Chronicle : YUVA’s debut magazine Campus Chronicle is a first of its kind, and holds the uniqueness of being an entirely student-run monthly magazine. It is a product of diligent efforts of nationally conscious students who strive to bring in a change through dialogue, debate and deliberations. Today, mainstream media is plagued by viciousness and selective reporting. In a country whose sustainable growth depends on how well it capitalises on its demographic dividend, the young minds cannot be left to be played with at the hands of mainstream media. Therefore, it has become very important to understand a comprehensive view of issues today. Campus Chronicle is a substantial step in that direction. It carries articles, opinions and columns on significant issues surrounding the youth of today. The magazine is broadly divided into two parts: ‘Campus’ and ‘Academics’.


Campus: The magazine strives to cover various dimensions of the campus life through a critical lens. Issues affecting the students, controversial orders of the administration, facilities, education and syllabus related issues, elections and everything that a student is required to know are covered by the magazine.


Academics: Academics related coverage forms an integral part of the Campus Chronicle. It is common point that in order to understand an issue and to think upon it, it is important to understand the background of the issue. This background of the issues can be found in various subjects in the form of theories, case studies, articles, discussions etc. We strive to cover an issue in an easy-to-understand and lucid manner. Economics, politics, law, sociology, history etc. form the basis of our content and the list is inexhaustible.