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Day: September 21, 2019

Peace- a myth in the valley of Kashmir?

–Written By Akhil Saxena Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi The people were living their not so normal lives, the valley bore a zestful look, streets were being flooded with tourists and pilgrims were being the torchbearers of employment for the youth. The valley had just recouped from a sudden dismissal of the government and…

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Climate change

–Written By Archi Aggarwal, BBA LLB, First year ‘’Climate change is no longer some far-off problem;it is happening here, it is happening now’’ Climate is inherently variable. It changes from place to place and it varies with time. The world is now facing it’s most complex and serious issue in the form of climate change….

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Is your sunscreen doing more harm than good?

–Written by Shreiyashi Panjla BBA LLB The earth’s atmosphere, blocks the harmful UV radiations of the sun, but most of it penetrates through it. The pronounced issue of the ozone layer depletion, moreover adds to the further thinning of our atmosphere’s natural protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Which can cause redness, ageing, wrinkling…

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Article 370- A ticking bomb!

–Written By Prapti SharmaBA LLB (Hons.) USLLS The moonlit rays from the silvery plate,Of the pendant throws some numbers on;The towering wall at the border of state,Three – Seven – zero, so on. The starry child looks upon,The scarred warrior in armour plate;Broken, harried, lied to,With a gifted pendant round his nape. “Oh Kaashmir! My…

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The Pacifists need to shut up.

–Written By Anhad Jakhmola George Friedman, while addressing a group of students spoke about how war is always a part of human civilizational history and no such century has been without one. Very mildly but with a tinge of salt, he spoke about the original uses and ideas of various parts of the mobile phones…

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Daryaganj book market shutdown: a threat to the legacy

–Written By Prashant Kumar Law Faculty Bhagat Singh was reading “State and Revolution” by Vladimir Lenin, while he was asked for getting hanged, he asked executioners to wait as “A revolutionary is talking to another revolutionary”. After some time, he kept the book and said: ” Let us go”. Bhagat Singh was an ardent reader…

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