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Day: August 31, 2019

भारत के बारे में जानें: भारत का बने

–Written By Nitin Tripathi दुनिया में कुछ ही देश ऐसे हैं जिनकी सभ्य संस्कृति उनकी विरासत है। भारत,रोम,ग्रीस आदि।  इटली, ग्रीस जाइए तो जगह जगह आपको उनकी सभ्यता का इतिहास फैला दिखेगा। यहाँ दुनिया के सबसे पुराने बैंक की बिल्डिंग है ,सात सौ साल पुरानी। यहाँ दुनिया का सबसे पुराना सीवेज प्लांट है दो हज़ार…

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Common destination beckons to seek a new beginning

–Written By Rishab Gupta “You wish India should protect your borders…. & Kashmir should get equal status as India. But the government of India has only limited powers & Indian people to have no right in Kashmir. To give consent in your proposal would be a treacherous thing against the interest of India & I, as a…

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New India’s New Foreign Policy- 10 resounding achievements of PM’s foreign visits.

–Written By Katyayani Narayan Singh “Modi Ji bas desh ka paisa barbad karate hai” “Modi Ji Videsh bas ghumna jata hai” If we stress upon the foreign visits of PM Narendra Modi which he began very soon after winning 2014 elections, the words quoted above would instantly come to our minds, as these were the…

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