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Day: November 6, 2018

Pocket friendly best street shopping markets in Delhi

This festive season everyone wants to be decked up in trendiest outfit. Without shelling out too much from our pocket, street shops in Delhi offer good option for clothes and accessories. All you need is patience, an eye for spotting something unique in the market and finally bargain to get the best deal from the…

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“The creators,the preservers and the actual hard workers” Kumars have their existence due to their aged old creations of potteries. According to ancient hindu philosophy, kumhars are considered as offsprings of lord Bramha (Prajapati) who is known as creator of this universe ,and it is lord Bramha’s blessing from where kumhars has got their skills. I…

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Aratrika 2018

YUVA IPU family  celebrated Diwali on the 2nd of November with  आरात्रिका 2018,(trailing towards the light), a blend of culture, literature and fine arts in the form of a day extravaganza. The festivities included a number of competitions to boost up the students with the enthusiastic celebration vibes. The day started off with Creative writing…

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