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Day: November 1, 2018

कहानी कूड़े की

कहाँ से आता ,कहाँ को जाता, किसका कूड़ा?किसका कूड़ा? तेरा कूड़ा,तेरा कूड़ा, कोई न कहता मेरा कूड़ा दाएँ कूड़ा-बाएँ कूड़ा , नुक्कड़ और गलियों का कूड़ा, हाय रे! कूड़ा! हाय रे! कूड़ा! कूड़े पर मक्खियों का डेरा , मच्छरों ने भी डाला घेरा , गड्ढों और नाली का कूड़ा, कोई न कहता मेरा कूड़ा, मच्छरों…

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Woodpecker International Film Festival-2018 arrives at VIPS

New Delhi, 1 November: Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies is organising a one-day film screening in collaboration with Woodpecker International Film Festival (WIFF) on 2nd of November from 10 am onwards. Woodpecker International Film Festival is India’s renowned film festival focusing on documentaries and short films. It is globally acclaimed for focussing on promoting issue-based…

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Cleanliness Drive in Jamia Hamdard 3rd October 2018

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, a quote used by many but understood by only a few. With an idea to spread awareness and the true understanding of cleanliness among the youth, the students of Jamia Hamdard decided to wield the broom on 3rd October, 2018. A cleanliness drive was organised by the YUVA committee, a…

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