From Aurobindo Ghose to Sri Aurobindo

April 18, 2019

–Written By Tanvi Sharma Have you ever heard of a person who transfigured from a hardliner revolutionary to  a spiritual leader? Did you ever thought how a great personality like Aurobindo turned from a revolutionary to a spiritual leader? What would have been the reasons which led to a great change in the life of […]

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The Gandhi who made a Mahatma: Pivotal contribution of Kasturba Gandhi in the Indian Independence Movement.

April 11, 2019

The nation celebrates the 150th Birth Anniversary year of Mahatma Gandhi. Almost every tableau in the 2019 Republic day parade had the effigy of Mohandas Gandhi in order to pay tributes to this soul, who in his tangential form, guided the Indian independence struggle and in its subtle form continues to guide the conscience of […]

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April 3, 2019

From Brain Storming to Nation Transforming National Medicos Organisation (NMO) has always believed that action and service on the ground speak louder than words. So, when 43 chosen delegates and speakers from all over the nation received invites to participate in the first ever ‘Health Think Tank’ to be held at Deen Dayal Shodh Sansthan, […]

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March 30, 2019

Are you an investigation enthusiast and fed up of those ‘Sherlocked’ fans around? Or looking for an Indian counterpart of Sherlock Homes? Well, you may never find one because what India borne is not a detective but a ‘Satyanveshi’. Yes! Byomkesh Bakshi – the Satyanveshi. And we are celebrating one hundred and twenty years of the father of Satyanveshi – Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The legendary Bengali […]

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Culture in a Nutshell

March 13, 2019

 –BY SHASHANK SHEKHARBA(JMC) STUDENT, VIPS Coming from “The Gateway of The Thar Dessert”, Churu a village in Rajasthan, Om Prakash carries on his family legacy and culture of miniature wood sculptor. Om Prakash creates miniature almond shells, dry seed shells and hand-fans of pure Rosewood, which might look ordinary but as you can see in […]

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कुम्भ मेले का धार्मिक आधार एवं मान्यताएं

February 10, 2019

— Written By नटबर राय कुम्भ मेला भारत में आयोजित किया जाने वाला विशाल हिन्दू तीर्थ है जो विश्व का सबसे बड़ा आयोजन है. इस में विदेश से भी पर्यटक बड़ी संख्या में आते हैं. ये ४ स्थानों पर मनाये जाते हैं. प्रयाग – गंगा , यमुना और सरस्वती नदी के संगम तट पर . […]

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पुनःउठता देश राग

January 28, 2019

“तुझपे कोई ग़म की आंच आने नहीं दूँ ,कुर्बान मेरी जान तुझपे शाद रहे तू ….ऐ वतन …मेरे वतन …” आजकल हर किसी जुबान और whatsapp स्टेटस पर यह गाना सुन ने को मिल ही जाता है,देशभक्ति से जुडी फिल्में बनाने का प्रचलन बढ़ने के साथ देशभक्ति के गानों का दौर फिर लौट कर आ […]

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Literature – Life Long learning

January 26, 2019

— Written By Chetna GargStudent of Architecture at  USAP, GGSIPU. It’s always said that “Literature is the best way to express the power of human mind, the Knowledge of human expressions, the deviations of human nature and the epitome of Wit and humor.” Literature is the mirror of life and society it reflects our ideas, our thoughts, […]

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Redeeming the Redemptor; The Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Way

December 25, 2018

The Young disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa ; consecrated souls like a spectra of pearls in a necklace held together by the thread of their master’s teachings, and with the illustrious life of  their leader Narendranath who described them the glories of Monastic life, were all committed to their expedition towards the light. The ground […]

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अथ श्री भारत कथा

November 13, 2018

भारत कहानी प्रधान देश है,जो भारतीय भाषाओं को निरंतर समृद्ध करतीं हैं। भारत में सर्वाधिक भाषाएँ (भिन्न बोलियों को न जोड़ें तो भी) प्रचलन में हैं, उससे कहीं अधिक विस्तृत भारत का कहानी संग्रह है।गद्य श्रेणी के निबंधो, प्रतिवेदन, भाष्यों, लेखों, व्यंग्यों, अध्ययन लेखों से इतर सही अर्थों में भाषा को समृद्ध कहानी ही करती है। निबंध,सम्पादकीय, भाष्य इत्यादि को रोचक बनाने […]

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The One Name That Will Be Taken Whenever a Bhajan Will Be Sung: Vinod Agarwal

November 13, 2018

9 November In my childhood, Krishna was never a master of intellect as he is for me presently but a vague village guy who always played with the village girls. But a Sunday morning I remember, on the Aastha channel a man was singing Krishna bhajans with immense devotion. He started crying while singing and the […]

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Atal Chirantan Smritika

October 28, 2018

मौत की उमर क्या है? दो पल भी नही, जिन्दगी सिलसिला है,आज कल की न्हीI.                                                                                      -श्री अतल बिहारी वाजपेयी   Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a human with extra ordinary abilities and candour and an international leader, transcending all limitations to earn reverence, even from his adversaries. His contribution to nation building is immeasurable. […]

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